Effortlessly manage your employee data by building a scalable cloud-based employee management database with us. Add your employee quickly. Manage their Personal Info, Work Info,Bank Info,Leaves,Expenses etc. Documents of your employee can be managed here. Experience hassle free maintenance of their qualification,previous experience as well. Have a record of their dependents list and other contact infomations here. Experience paper-less easy maintenance of your employee records.


Finding diffculty in maintaining your company’s leave records? Here is a single stop for all your daily-problems. Leave Master feature holds a solution for maintaining all your company’s leaves like sick leave,casual leave,public holidays,week-offs for different team members etc., What next?? Just explore the feature inside ValarHR app.


How to allocate different leave types to different employee? How to allocate different week-off to different teams? Getting Puzzled?? Don’t worry!! ValarHR has an exclusive feature to serve this purpose. Allocate different types of leaves to different employee by utilising Leave Allocation feature. Select different leave types from templates available for your organisation and allocate to different employee.


Managing employee’s claims is an easy-peasy task with the Valar HR’s – Expense Management feature. HR can claim expense on behalf of their employee here. Any reimbursements to be claimed can be submitted for approval  via HR in ValarHR App. The feature is available for employee to access in our Employee Self Service App. An employee can claim his expenditure spent for company by attaching receipts on a go with Expense Management feature.


Managing employee’s Leave is not an easy task, but with the help of ValarHR, you can easily manage your employees’ Leaves. HR can also apply leave on behalf of fellow employee. The feature is available for employee to access in our Employee Self Service App. An Employee can enjoy a full-fledged freedom to apply leave, track leave balance , leave history record etc.


Applied Leaves/ Expenses of an employee can be approved/rejected here. Get instantly notified on any leave/expense request. Just in a click the request can be approved or rejected along with the reason for rejection (if the request is rejected). Experience Approvals feature inside ValarHR App to  “Streamline and Simplify Approvals with Ease!”


Worried about all those troublesome tax calculations and employee payroll process?Relax! ValarHR  can ease payroll process. With Configurable Salary Structure, Payroll Reimbursements & Expenses, Payroll Inputs – Set up your payroll once, define salaries and rest falls in your way. One-click pay slips are generated on a pay period basis. What’s stopping you now? Just “Simplify Your Payroll Process and Unlock Peace of Mind”.


It’s Hi-Time to Bid farewell to tedious excel sheets, and say hello to a more efficient way to manage employee attendance. ValarHR’s attendance management gives you the clarity about an employee’s presences, overtime details and absences. You can experience seamless and analysed attendance management system through ValarHR.


Are you a concerned environmentalist? Then switch to Document Management feature provided by ValarHR and conserve trees by reducing paper-use. Yes! Document Management feature helps to switch over digitally than the traditional method of maintaining files and papers. Maintain employee documents, expense receipts, payslips  etc., here to Streamline, Collaborate, and Access Files Anytime, Anywhere.